Grade 6 Language Arts: Ms. Kouns

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    Welcome to my class!


    Welcome to Ms. Kouns's 6th grade Language Arts class!

    General information:

    Vocabulary is assigned every monday (unless it is a short week).  Students will then quiz on these words at the end of the week. Students should be completing 3 homeworks (from the Tic Tac Toe Vocabulary grid) a week so that they are prepared for the quiz at the end of the week.  See the attached homework directions.  THIS WILL BE THE SAME ALL YEAR.

    Students should always ALWAYS be studying for my class on Thursdays.

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    August 25-29 

    Story:   No story

    Genre:  Procedural Information

    Skills:  Making connections, inferencing, adapting to the middle school environment

    Week at a glance:






    Introductions, Procedures, Rules, Consequences, Q & A

    Continue rules and procedures and expecations

    Textbook scavenger hunt

    Organizing school supplies

    Diagnostic Testing

    Homeroom:  Locks and lockers

    Finish diagnostic tests

    Library orientation and book checkout

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    September 2-5 

    Unit Essential Question:  What distinguishes childhood from adulthood?

    Short story Essential Question:  Is age more than a number?

    Story:  "Eleven" by Sandra Cisneros

    Genre:  Fiction, short story

    Skills:  Determine the meanings of words as used in context, explain how the author develops the POV of the narrator,  inference the meanings of symbols used in the story.

    Week at a glance:








    Happy Labor Day!

    Vocabulary PowerPoint

    Grammar focus lesson:  Sentence Fragments

    Start Homework:  Tic Tac Toe Vocabulary in class for teacher help


    Review vocabulary.

    Read "Eleven" by Sandra Cisneros

    Discuss point of view and symbolism

    Answer Reading Check Questions for homework.

    Complete class set questions with story.

    POV review and imagery in the story.

    Review of assessment practice questions.

    Review vocabulary

    Vocabulary Quiz

    Reading test using the literature book.- cite the text (page number) to prove multiple choice answers and short answer responses.

    • September 8-12

      Story:  "Eleven" and poem "On turning Ten"

      Genre:  Fiction:  Short Story, Poetry

      Skills:  Determine the meaning of words as used in context, explain how the author developes the POV of the narrator, consult dictionaries to clarify meanings.

      Week at a glance:







      Read "Eleven"

      Discuss 1st person POV

      Review Vocabulary

      Complete "Reading Check" and "Question Support"

      Early Release @ 12:15

      Fundraising Rally in the gym 8:45-9:15

      Writing Activity:  Examine the issue of growing up from two sides:  The good Vs. the bad.

       Review "Eleven"

      Read "On Turning Ten" -a poem

      Compare and contrast "Eleven" and "On Turning Ten"

      Vocabulary quiz,

      Reading test on "Eleven" and "On Turning Ten"


      September 15-19

      Poem:  "The Walrus and the Carpenter"

      Genre:  Narrative Poetry

      Skills: Analyze how a particular stanza fits into the structureof a text and contributes to the development of the setting or plot.  Pose and respond to specific questions with elaboration and detail.

      Week at a glance:






      Vocabulary powerpoint,


      Start Tic Tac Toe homework


       Walrus and the Carpenter vocabulary review

      Read "The Walrus and the Carpenter" pg. 144

      T chart comparing/contrasting Poem to video clip from "Alice in Wonderland"

      Show video again

      Students finish T charts

      Students complete the class set worksheets 

      "Text Analysis, Question Support, Reading Strategy"

       SMART lesson on figurative language 







      Students complete practice worksheets (as seen in the smart lesson)

       Vocabulary Quiz

      Open book test on "The Walrus and the Carpenter" pg. 144

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